Architecture - Heartbeat Plugin

Heartbeat plugin is an optional FriendlySNMP agent plugin. It is loaded if the following parameter is present in configuration:


The plugin gives an option to send heartbeat notifications (not very useful).

The plugin supports FRIENDLY-HEARTBEAT-MIB discussed below.

This notification is generated by the agent at a regular interval. Setting interval to 0 disables heartbeat notifications.

The agent sends heartbeat notifications at the interval specified in this read-write scalar. The interval is specified in seconds. The valid range in Java terms is [0 .. Integer.MAX_VALUE]. Setting this value to 0 disables heartbeat notifications.

This read-only scalar is populated by the agent with the application title, time passed since last heartbeat notification and waiting time to next scheduled heartbeat notification.

Initial heartbeat interval value could be specified in the agent property file with the plugin.heartbeat.interval-sec
key. This entry in the property file is optional. Default value is 0 sec (no heartbeat notifications). This value is ignored if it is set explicitly from MIB browser.