FriendlySNMP: Java SNMP API

org.friendlysnmp Provides classes and interfaces to access FriendlySNMP API.
org.friendlysnmp.event Provides classes and interfaces for event handling in FriendlySNMP API.
org.friendlysnmp.mib Provides classes to access managed objects in MIBs supported by FriendlySNMP and SNMP4J.
org.friendlysnmp.persist Provides persistency for scalars and tables in FriendlySNMP API.
org.friendlysnmp.plugin Provides base class for plugins in FriendlySNMP API.
org.friendlysnmp.plugin.core Contains classes to support FRIENDLY-SNMP-MIB. Provides classes for custom and default SNMPv1, SNMPv2 and SNMPv3 targets in FriendlySNMP API.